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Arrowcreek Home Sale Numbers 1st Qtr 2017



Arrowcreek Real Estate Real Buyers

  • Arowcreek home sales ended the first quarter of 2017 with 15 homes changing hands.
  • This is near the average and is really quite respectable given the weather we experienced this winter.
  • Most of the action was in properties priced under $1 Million – 12 of the 15 sales took place in this price range.
  • The turnover of homes in the under million dollar price point will have the effect of pushing the average price in ArrowCreek higher.

Arrowcreek Sold to Current Listings

  • This graph illustrates how lower priced homes are being absorbed and that the remaining inventory is moving into the higher priced homes.
  • This trend is consistent with a rising market in home values and a limited supply of lower priced homes.

Arrowcreek Homes Pending Sale

  • There are currently 10 homes pending sale in ArrowCreek.
  • The majority of them are still under the $1 Million threshold.
  • However, there is movement in the upper tier which has been very quiet until this past year.

ArrowCreek Real Estate Performance
Contributing Factors

1. Continued growth of Reno’s economy and job market 2. California continuing it’s regressive taxation policies 3. Nevada maintaining it’s low property tax / no income tax policies 4. Rising home and property values in the Southwest Region

5. ArrowCreek maintaining it’s reputation as Reno’s premier luxury community 6. The Club at ArrowCreek remaining an affordable club offering world class golf and a friendly social atmosphere to attract new residents